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R & O Turbine Compressor EP

R&O/Turbine/Compressor Oils (EP) are premium oils that bring superior rust protection and antioxidancy. They also exhibit strong water separation characteristics, foam inhibition, thermal stability, filterability, and hydrolytic stability. The product has specifically been formulated to provide Extreme Pressure and Anti-Wear (EP/AW) performance for systems with gear reduction drives or hydraulic systems that call for EP/AW performances. These oils are formulated with ash-less EP/AW chemistry which is designed to pass FZG and Ryder gear tests. Amalie R&O/Turbine/Compressor Oils (EP) oils have been formulated to bring some resistance to electrostatic discharge, an important feature in dry climates or in high temperature applications. Amalie R&O/Turbine/Compressor Oils (EP) oils are premium ash-less oils used in the lubrication of various compressors, turbines, circulating systems, and pumps. The R&O/Turbine/Compressor (EP) contains a non-zinc EP system, which may be used universally in all R&O/Compressor applications, and the unique performance needs of large turbine power generating units requiring such chemistry and performance.

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