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Elixir Synthetic Blend Calcium Sulfonate Grease

Amalie Green Elixir is a heavy-duty extreme pressure grease exhibiting outstanding film strength and resistance to corrosive saltwater environments. With a Timken OK load of 65 lbs. Amalie Green Elixir is recommended for the most severe applications in off-highway construction and mining equipment. Exhibiting excellent water repellency, oxidation resistance and a wide operating temperature range, Amalie Green Elixir is also an obvious choice for virtually any multipurpose or extreme pressure application. Amalie Green Elixir meets and exceeds the demanding automotive and industrial testing requirements of ASTM D 4950, earning it the GC-LB classification by the National Lubricating Grease Institute. Amalie Green Elixir is recommended for use in automotive as well as heavy duty applications in the construction, mining, agricultural, logging and hauling industries and anyplace where a shear stable, high load carrying corrosion resistant grease is required. Benefits: Wide Temperature Range – Amalie Green Elixir has a dropping point of over 570+ F, allowing it to perform across a wide temperature range. Adhesive and Cohesive – Amalie Green Elixir has a special gellation thickener providing natural tackiness and preventing moisture and other corrosive materials from reaching critical parts. High Load Carrying Capacity – Amalie Green Elixir is formulated with specialized additives, giving it a Timken OK load of 65 lbs. to prevent wear in the most demanding heavily loaded applications.

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