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Way Lube - Superior Oils

Amalie Way Lube - Superior Oils are premium slide-way lubricants which are formulated to protect slide-ways which carry machine tools in severe environments including plain bearing slideways of lathes, shapers, grinders, and milling machines. Performance attributes afforded by Amalie Way Lubes include: Antiwear/extreme pressure performance, anti-rust performance, yellow metal corrosion resistance, and anti-oxidancy. In addition, the smooth operation of the way is seen when Amalie Way Lube is used, can lead to improved accuracy and quality, which is a result of Amalie Way Lubes strong friction performance as measured by stick-slip resistance. Given the proximity of the way to machine tools and their cutting fluids, a degree of separation from the cutting fluid is desirable. Amalie Way Lubes separate easily from a variety of emulsion-type cutting fluids which allow them to be separated and circulated back to the cutting tool. Amalie Way Lubes also contains tackiness additives to ensure good adherence of the oil to both vertical and horizontal ways, and to prevent any cutting fluid from washing away the slide-way oil. This product is formulated in various ISO viscosity grades, with varying high and low temperature properties depending on ambient conditions. They are suitable for use wherever Cincinnati Machine slide-way oil performance is called for and meet stringent performance requirements.

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