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Refrigerator/Compressor Oils (Synthetic)

Amalie Refrigerator/Compressor Oils (Synthetic) are high quality full-synthetic lubricants formulated to meet the most severe requirements of rotary vane, rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. The technology used in Amalie Synthetic Refrigerator/Compressor Oils has had several years of field experience in many applications. These oils offer the following features: • Extended oil change intervals, reducing servicing costs to a minimum • Reduced air separator blocking and extended maintenance intervals. • Excellent compatibility with seals, paints, and the air line system. • Outstanding viscosity/temperature characteristics. • Low volatility, leading to low oil carry-over and cleaner operation at lower cost. • Approval by Atlas Copco for rotary screw compressors with extended oil change. • Increased oxidation protection and superior thermal stability. • Strong wear protection and corrosion protection. • Very low sludge forming tendencies. • Excellent air and water separation.

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