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Refrigerator/Compressor Oils (Mineral)

Amalie Refrigerator/Compressor Oils (Mineral) are recommended for use in industrial refrigeration compressors operating on ammonia, propane, and many Freon (CFC)-type refrigerants. Amalie Refrigerator/Compressor Oils (Mineral) are not suitable for use with HFC refrigerants. These refrigerator/Compressor Oils are formulated to provide outstanding oxidation and rust inhibition, and to minimize any tendency for foaming. Amalie Refrigerator/Compressor Oils (Mineral) are suitable for use with R-12, R-22, R-502 (CFC/HCFC) refrigerants and ammonia. Amalie Refrigerator Compressor Oils (Mineral) are formulated with highly refined naphthenic base oils to ensure excellent fluidity properties. These oils offer the following features: • Low pour points and Freon floc points that prevent low temperature fluidity loss. • Excellent oxidation stability which reduces oil thickening and deposit formation. • Excellent lubricity which guards against wear of compressor parts. • Outstanding viscosity/temperature characteristics. • Excellent thermal stability minimizes formation of gum, varnish, and sludge.

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