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Rust Prevention Fluids

Amalie Rust Prevention Fluids are formulated for use in applications requiring a robust and effective level of protection that may be applied by brush, roller, dip or spray. This fluid contains a solvent and various chemical additives that will prevent corrosion and yellow stain on sheet metal and will prevent the formation of white rust on galvanized steel. Evaporation of the solvent provides a protective oily film on the metal. When the solvent evaporates, a thin, transparent, oily film remains for rust prevention. Amalie Rust Prevention Fluids are available in two grades, light and medium. The Rust Prevention Fluid – Light offers faster penetration and has a low flash point. The Amalie Rust Prevention Fluid – Medium will give a more stable protective film, which is suitable for protecting surfaces for longer periods of time. Amalie Rust Prevention Fluids are formulated with mineral base oils and light volatile solvents.

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