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Heat Trans & Quench

Amalie Heat Transfer/Quenching Oils are high quality metal heat treating and quenching oils, with excellent heat transfer properties. Amalie Heat Transfer/Quenching oils are specifically formulated for use in a variety of quenching, spraying, and heat treating applications where a variety of cooling rates are required. As a heavy transfer medium, this series is recommended for use in closed liquid-phase heat transfer systems, and open systems where maximum bulk oil temperatures do not exceed 380 degrees F. Amalie Heat Transfer and Quenching Oils provide excellent oxidation stability, good rust and corrosion protection, and uniform cooling of metal parts. In addition they are very thermally stable and will provide long life. These oils provide excellent deposit-control, quench acceleration, improved hardening capabilities, and reduced quench oil reservoir maintenance. Note that it is import not to mix heat transfer oils with other lubricants as such contamination will impair thermal and oxidative stability and could disrupt the cooling process. Amalie Heat Transfer and Quenching Oils exhibit superior cooling rate performance as measured by the GM quenchometer test, and provide deposit control that exceeds current industry benchmarks. They also exhibit superior thermal and oxidation stability when compared to competitive quench oils. Amalie Heat Transfer and Quenching Oils exhibit the following features: • Accelerated cooling rate • Constant cooling rates in service • Minimum viscosity increase through controlled formation of organic acids • Reduced Steel component cracking and distortion • Promotes deep hardening • Low toxicity and corrosivity

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