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Cutting Oils

Amalie Cutting Oils are premium cutting oils formulated with high quality mineral oils and additives. These oils are designed to aid the cutting, grinding, or forming of metal and to provide good finish and work piece quality while extending the life of the machine tools. Both products identified below are EP and anti-wear formulated without chlorine containing chemistry. Amalie Medium Cutting Oil 304 is high quality general-purpose oil formulated to provide extreme pressure (EP) properties and friction modification for a variety of metals. The inactive sulfurized fatty additive package is not corrosive to aluminum or yellow metals such as copper or bronze, and is thus nonstaining to the metal being worked. Amalie Heavy Cutting Oil 310 is designed for heavy duty, extreme pressure conditions where an active sulfur agent is desired. This formula also contains a finishing agent and is primarily formulated for ferrous metals. Amalie has the capability of formulating many types of Metalworking Fluids, both straight and soluble. Please discuss your needs with a Company representative. Some performance levels are limited by viscosity grades. Please consult the Amalie Performance Application Chart, the Amalie Inspection Data Table for the appropriate Amalie product or contact your Amalie District Manager for more complete information and recommendations. Consult your Amalie District Manager for specific pack sizes and product availability.

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