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Railroad Diesel Engine Oils

This advanced formulation is designed to successfully handle these new requirements by providing outstanding resistance to viscosity increase due to superior oxidation and thermal stability, and by providing increased alkalinity level. Amalie Railroad Diesel Engine Oil 17 TBN is offered in an SAE 40 Viscosity. Amalie Railroad Diesel Engine Oil 17 TBN is recommended for use in all railroad-type diesel engines for locomotive, marine equipment, stationary electric generating plants, offshore drilling equipment, and many other applications where large medium-speed EMD or GE diesel engines are used for primary power. These oils are completely compatible with earlier railroad oils, miscible with competitive railroad type oils and additive systems consistent with engine manufacturers recommended practices. These oils provide excellent performance in older locomotive types such as Sulzer, Baldwin, and ALCO. In addition these oils are recommended for use in Caterpillar and other diesel engines operating where sulfated ash levels above 1% are acceptable and where DDC engines are used for auxiliary power. Detroit Diesel Corporation approves the use of Generation 4 and 5 zinc-free railroad engine oils in these applications.

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