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Industrial Gear Oils (Synthetic Base)

Amalie Industrial Gear Oils (Synthetic Base) are fully synthetic oils compounded to contain extreme pressure (EP), anti-wear (AW), anti-rust, antioxidant, yellow metal protection, water separation, and foam inhibition. These Synthetic Based gear oils are formulated with fully synthetic base stocks designed to bring higher levels of oxidation performance. Drain intervals using Amalie Industrial Gear Oils (Synthetic Base) are typically significantly longer than industrial mineral based gear oils. Primary specifications which are met with these synthetic gear oils include US Steel, American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), and Cincinnati Machine. Amalie Industrial Gear Oils (Synthetic Base) are ashless, lead-free, low-chlorine, and thermally stable. They have good filtration properties and are extremely resistant to gear wear and scuffing. Amalie Industrial Synthetic Gear Oils contain an EP agent and chemical components to control wear, oxidation, sludge, corrosion and foaming. These products are formulated in various ISO viscosity grades, with varying high and low temperature properties depending on ambient conditions. Some


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