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Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease

Amalie Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease is a lithium thickened automotive and industrial grease possessing good extreme pressure, anti-wear properties, and strong anti-rust characteristics. Amalie Multi- Purpose Lithium Grease is recommended for cars, light trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles and light trailers equipped with conventional brakes, or industrial application where an NLGI #2 is requisite. Amalie MP Lithium Grease is a red colored, premium quality lithium base grease developed specifically for multipurpose automotive lubrication. Amalie MP Lithium Grease has the following physical and performance properties: • Fully refined lube stocks and high quality lithium soap are used in compounding. Additive treatment further enhances its lubricating effectiveness. • It has excellent temperature stability, will not melt at automotive service temperatures and is readily handled through normal dispensing eqauipment. The data presented herein are believed to be accurate; however, Amalie Oil Company shall not be liable for its content and makes no warranty with respect thereto. • A high level of oxidation and corrosion resistance protects bearing parts made with steel and copper alloys. • Superior water resistance effectively resists washout in all-weather service. Amalie MP Lithium Grease is recommended for the grease lubrication of water pumps, universal joints and regularly lubricated chassis points on passenger cars, trucks, buses, farm tractors, and mobile construction equipments. This product is also used for general industrial and farm lubrication where a lithium grease is specified.

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