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Pneumatic Tool/Rock Drill/Sawmill Lubricants

Amalie Pneumatic Tool/Rock Drill/Sawmill Lubricants have been designed to bring strong extreme pressure (EP) performance under the most demanding applications. Resistant to water wash-off, this series of lubricants protects surfaces under conditions of pneumatic percussion, which may lead to rifling damage. In addition, the product is designed to lubricate saw blades without leading to build up pitch deposits. Amalie Pneumatic Tool/Rock Drill/Sawmill Lubricants are useful in a variety of applications, such as tools that require extreme pressure properties for protection of equipment under high load conditions and tack adhesion to the work surface. These lubricants will protect against rust formation on tool parts. Amalie Pneumatic Tool/Rock Drill/Sawmill Lubricants contain additives that minimize spray mist. This is particularly important in sawmill applications. In sawmill applications; Amalie Pneumatic Tool/Rock Drill/Sawmill Lubricants will cling tenaciously to the blade lowering lubricant replacement costs. These oils contain an EP agent and various chemical components to control wear, oxidation, sludge, corrosion and foaming. These products are formulated in various ISO viscosity grades, with varying high and low temperature properties depending on ambient conditions.

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