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Elixir Tri-Vis Plus GL- 5

AMALIE ELIXIR SYN TRI-VIS +LS GL-5 75W-85W-140 is a superior full-synthetic wide-range multi-graded API GL-5, MT-1 gear lubricant designed to give year-round protection and maximize component life in all types of automotive gear applications. Synthetic base oil and a superior additive system improve performance in both low and high temperature operation and allows for extended drain intervals and meets all OEM target requirements. Formulated for use in conventional automobile differentials, truck axles, oil lubricated wheel bearings and manual transmissions where an extreme pressure gear lubricant is recommended or required. This gear oil is fortified with the most robust, up-to-date gear oil additives available to offer outstanding clean-gear performance, provide maximum load carrying capabilities that minimize component wear. This gear oil is recommended for use in light trucks, heavy trucks, all automobile applications, as well as any number of other automotvie applications, including limited slip off-road, recreational and agricultural applications. This gear oil meets API Service Classification GL-5 and MT-1; MIL Perf 2105E and Mack GO-J Plus; SAE J-2360; Dana Corp. (including Eaton Axles); Eaton’s 750,000 mile warranty coverage and 500,000 mile oil drain interval capabilities; General Electric’s D-50E9c; P & H 474; ArvinMeritor (including former Rockwell Axles and Rockwell International’s 0-76-E)


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